September 6 5:00 show -Marisa solo at Sister’s of the Road party w/Lana Rebel in Old Town SW Davis/6th September 14-Evolutionary Jass Band at Awareness is Free festival
6:45 show South Park Blocks October 3-Marisa solo w/Elizabeth Venable, Geoff Soul @Rotture 315 SE 3rd November 3-Marisa solo at Siren Nation festival
9-9:15 Wonder Ballroom

Holiday Motel
Marisa Anderson’s debut solo album on 16 Records. 9 haunting songs featuring Anderson’s awe-inspiring guitar skill accompanying her proven lyrical prowess. This is the album you long for when you’re hitching a ride with heartache.
Holiday Motel features guest appearances by Mirah, sts {Cadallaca, the Haggard} and Melissa Collins {the Chase, Discharge Information System}.