marisa_press1Marisa Anderson’s lightning guitar is the perfect twangy background for a beer and a shot of whiskey.  – Santa Fe Reporter

You can hear it all – the long distance driving, the truck stop coffee, the breakup and
breakdown, love and the loss of it.
 – Metro

Marisa Anderson’s intricate guitar carries the listener through the ornate melodies of
songs that tell of tramps and hoboes, of traveling through the lonesome west with
the sunset in front of you and nothing behind you but memories.
 – Santa Cruz Good Times

Anderson’s Drink Me is simply one of the best country songs I’ve heard all year. – Steve Terrell

Holiday Motel: Nine haunting songs featuring Anderson’s awe-inspiring guitar skill accompanying her proven lyrical prowess. – Just Out

Music doesn’t get any better than this. – Portland Mercury (the Illegal Guardians)