Choosing a hybrid bike

Once decided upon going for a hybrid bike rather than a pure Road Bike or a pure Mountain Bike, the next question arises about what sort of hybrid bike to buy? We have many versions of Hybrid bikes available in the market based on their performance, technical specifications, and usefulness. Choosing a bike in such cases creates confusions and problems. Going forward, we will be mentioning the apt way of choosing a hybrid bike.

Well, in the market there are many customizations available for the hybrid bikes. But those customizations have to be applied on the base version of the hybrid bike.

Hybrid bikes come in 2 variants:

  • Road oriented hybrid bike: These kinds of the hybrid bike has more features imported from Road Bikes. These bikes are suitable for day to day activities, commuting to the office, for pick up and drop, etc. Road variant bikes offer fewer features and cannot be used for any other activities like trekking etc.
  • Mountain oriented hybrid bike: These kinds of the bike has imported its features from Mountain Bikes. This bike is more suitable for recreational activities over the weekend, planning for a mountain trekking, etc. The Mountain variant bikes have enough features to be classified as a future hybrid bike. But all these features come with an extra cost.

Tips to choose hybrid bike

1)    Usefulness: The purpose of buying a hybrid bike should be clear. If it is being used just for day to day activities, it’s not worth to chip in an extra penny for Mountain variant. Road variant hybrid bikes are quite comfortable to ride you through the streets without any hassle. And, if you are a frequent Mountaineer, you can go for a high-end Mountain bike which will pop the adrenaline rush in your trips.

2)    Features: The customization in hybrid bike makes them more efficient to be used as a normal bike for any purpose. For a techie person, choosing a hybrid bike depends on upon what features it offers like disc brakes, detachable paddles, large and puncture fewer tires, aluminum and carbon body, etc. So, it would be great to go for a hardware specification sheet before making a choice of Hybrid Bike.

3)    Cost: The two variants of hybrid bikes for women differ a lot in price. It’s not always a good idea to chip in more money to buy a mountain variant if things can be sorted out with road variant hybrid bike. In any case, customization will help the bike to look more elegant and loaded with extra features.

The above 3 points have to be kept in mind before going for a hybrid bike. No matter, be it a Road variant of hybrid bike or a Mountain variant of a hybrid bike, one is a thing is definitely on the cards: comfort, pleasure, and excitement to ride a hybrid bike.

To conclude, Hybrid bike in any of the variants is a thrill to ride and this excitement increases if we choose the best-customized bike for us from the available options. Happy riding!