Choosing a hybrid bike

Once decided upon going for a hybrid bike rather than a pure Road Bike or a pure Mountain Bike, the next question arises about what sort of hybrid bike to buy? We have many versions of Hybrid bikes available in the market based on their performance, technical specifications, and usefulness. Choosing a bike in such cases creates confusions and problems. Going forward, we will be mentioning the apt way of choosing a hybrid bike.

Well, in the market there are many customizations available for the hybrid bikes. But those customizations have to be applied on the base version of the hybrid bike.

Hybrid bikes come in 2 variants:

  • Road oriented hybrid bike: These kinds of the hybrid bike has more features imported from Road Bikes. These bikes are suitable for day to day activities, commuting to the office, for pick up and drop, etc. Road variant bikes offer fewer features and cannot be used for any other activities like trekking etc.
  • Mountain oriented hybrid bike: These kinds of the bike has imported its features from Mountain Bikes. This bike is more suitable for recreational activities over the weekend, planning for a mountain trekking, etc. The Mountain variant bikes have enough features to be classified as a future hybrid bike. But all these features come with an extra cost.

Tips to choose hybrid bike

1)    Usefulness: The purpose of buying a hybrid bike should be clear. If it is being used just for day to day activities, it’s not worth to chip in an extra penny for Mountain variant. Road variant hybrid bikes are quite comfortable to ride you through the streets without any hassle. And, if you are a frequent Mountaineer, you can go for a high-end Mountain bike which will pop the adrenaline rush in your trips.

2)    Features: The customization in hybrid bike makes them more efficient to be used as a normal bike for any purpose. For a techie person, choosing a hybrid bike depends on upon what features it offers like disc brakes, detachable paddles, large and puncture fewer tires, aluminum and carbon body, etc. So, it would be great to go for a hardware specification sheet before making a choice of Hybrid Bike.

3)    Cost: The two variants of hybrid bikes for women differ a lot in price. It’s not always a good idea to chip in more money to buy a mountain variant if things can be sorted out with road variant hybrid bike. In any case, customization will help the bike to look more elegant and loaded with extra features.

The above 3 points have to be kept in mind before going for a hybrid bike. No matter, be it a Road variant of hybrid bike or a Mountain variant of a hybrid bike, one is a thing is definitely on the cards: comfort, pleasure, and excitement to ride a hybrid bike.

To conclude, Hybrid bike in any of the variants is a thrill to ride and this excitement increases if we choose the best-customized bike for us from the available options. Happy riding!


Sound Systems for Home

Best Sound Systems for Home

If you have a good sound system then it can make a big difference to your home cinema experience. We reviewed several different sound bar systems and selected the best soundbar for the money for you guys, whether you have plenty to spend or you are on a tight budget, this list of few best sound systems will help you decide what suits you the best.



The Monitor Audio R90HT1 is an upgraded version of its previous model, it comes with a brand new centre speaker and subwoofer. Its a 5.1 speaker package which is expensive but well worth the money. Its a sleek-looking setup that delivers mind blowing sound quality with a soundstage that is great for movies. It’s beautifully constructed , offers powerful, polished sound quality and won’t let you down at any point.


The Monitor Audio MASS is a 5.1 surround sound system with a power that can fill your living room with beautiful and detailed sound. It is made up of four mass 10 satellites, has a centre speaker and W200 active subwoofer.
The twin-driver subwoofer with 220W amplifier offers three bass modes, so you can select the best one for each movies, music and gaming. From its stylish looks and wonderful sound, the Monitor Audio Mass is worth every penny.




The Quad Lite-Plus is a space-saving system which does not require a lot of room. It is made up of satellites, centre speaker and an all-new 200W subwoofer. The satellites has roomy cabinets and the drivers have wide dispersion, this results in producing a big, engulfing soundstage which can fill the entire room with gorgeous audio. If you want something which has great performance and is small in size, then the Quad Lite-Plus is for you.


The SONY BDV-N7100W is a 5.1 speaker system and a 3D-ready Blu-ray receiver, both combined in one. It has black finishing which gives it a giving funky, futuristic feel. It comes with Bluetooth, on-demand internet content and supports 4K upscaling. The Blu-ray player spins 2D and 3D discs, as well as upscaling DVDs to 1080p and playing SACDs. It delivers a thrilling, and top notch sound quality, it is filled with mind blowing features and also costs very economical. Its hands down one of the best model you will get.


Foldable Bikes Explained

What to Look in the Best Foldable Bike?

Many people are interested in best foldable bike for example dahon speed uno, to ease them to do their daily activities like commuting. But some people also use it for more fun purpose like mountain tour. No matter the purpose is, foldable bike make their activities much easier to be done. When it is folded up, that means you can bring it as usual portable item. In case you are using it for commuting to your workplace, you can keep it nearby to avoid being stolen.


Since one of the core purposes of foldable bike is to save some space, many of these tend to be smaller in size. So the first thing to look is the size of the bike. Make sure that you find the bicycle, which is big enough to hold your body. If you are heavy or tall, you need larger unit so that it you will fit on the folding bike. Be sure to try the folding bike in the store before purchasing it. If you purchase it online, you may check and re-check about the exact dimension of the bike.


Keep in mind that folding the bike is supposed to be easy. Find the bike which requires minimal mechanisms to fold. Some have one to two switches. Others have more than five switches to adjust folding the bike. You surely want easier one if time is your concern.
The next thing to look in best foldable bike is the size when folded. Look at the folded size of the bike. Depending on your purpose, you want to make sure that it is small enough to be carried and taken into public transportation like subway or bus. Or perhaps you want to make sure that the folded bike can be stored in the corner of your room. So don’t hesitate to ask the concerning question to the seller. You surely want to take the folded bike with you. So it should be light, functional and compact. That combination of features will save you a lot of hassle. For instance, small enough folding bike will be stored in the limited space in your apartment, under desk, or in a closet.


There are hundred manufacturers offering folding bikes with variety of features, styles, and prices. It does not hurt to spend some time to compare one with the others. Find the best options. Good luck!


Where And How To Buy PC Monitors

Buying a computer system could be a major investment decision. They come in different sizes, configurations, computing powers and other such attributes. You can find bulky monitors as well as small USB Powered Monitors. Therefore when choosing to buy a computer we must have the right kind of knowledge and information. We must be able to choose between desktop computer and laptop computer. Both are unique and have their own advantages and benefits. While laptop computer are easy to carry around the batteries need to be charged regularly.

On the other hand desktop computer cannot be moved around and they occupy the largest space when compared to laptops. Monitors are extremely important without which the users will not be able to see the processed information coming out from the CPU. Since monitors are available in various brands, models and sizes as a customer you must have some basic information when it comes to buying them. This is not an easy job because the market is filled with dozens of models, makes, brands, sizes and specifications of PC monitors. Hence you should know how and where to look for these monitors and then buy them at the best prices.

Brick And Mortar Stores

There are many big retail and wholesale outlets which stock and sell some of the best known brands of computer monitors. The biggest advantage of buying monitors from brick and mortar outlets is the ability to have a look and touch the monitors before buying them. You can also have a look at the performance and then decide which model or make to buy. When it comes to identifying sizes of monitors there is no doubt that brick and mortar outlets could be a much better choice. These outlets are perfectly suited for those who have a conventional mindset of looking, feeling and touching a product before buying it.

Online Stores

As is the case with most other electronic and electrical items, the internet is the place where millions of customers buy and sell. Hence if you belong to the new generation of customers, you would always prefer buying PC monitors from online e-commerce stores. One of the biggest advantages of buying monitors from online sellers is variety.

You can choose from wide range of makes, models and sizes and settle for the once which you think will meet your specific and requirements. Buying monitors from online stores also help you to get the best bargain as far as prices are concerned. This is because of the fact that many of the manufacturers have their own e-commerce sites and they directly sell to the customers. This helps to do away with the conventional distributional channel and therefore the prices are much lower. There are also many online sites which offer quality used as well as second hand monitors at attractive prices.

However when buying from online stores customers have to be careful about the quality of the products. the online sites must be reputed and have the best of goodwill and credentials. They must have well defined return, replacement and refund policies along with the best of warranty and guarantee terms and conditions.